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Descendants of Joseph Billiter and Elizabeth Filler fl Maryland Colony 1671-1687

Second Generation

4. Thomas Billiter (Joseph ) was born on 28 Sep 1681 in Talbot Co, Colonial Maryland.

Thomas's line courtesy Jim and Ellen Billiter.

IGI Maryland. Also "Maryland Eastern Shore Vital Records" by Wright
Billiter, Grace m. John Michall 9/2/1704, Talbot Co., St. Peter's Parish. M507951/0115.
Billiter, Thomas m. Sarah King 8/14/1715, Talbot Co., St. Peter's Parish. M507951/0271.
Billeter, John m. Nancy Pritchard 9/15/1819, Talbot Co.  7016919/0028. Courtesy RMB

Kent County, Delaware probate records.  From "Calendar of Kent County Delaware Probate Records 1680-1800", pub. by Public Archives Commission of Delaware, 1944.
Sarah Billiter's will made 4/18/1742. Sons: John, Thomas, Daniel, Joab;  daughter: Johanna.  Probated 4/30/1742.  Original may be found in the Delaware hall of records. Joab and Thomas were younger than 20 or 22 in 1742; difficult to read.  Courtesy JHB

Thomas married Sarah King, daughter of John King and Elizabeth, on 14 Aug 1715 in St Peter's Parish, Talbot, Colonial Maryland. Sarah was born on 20 Mar 1688/1689 in Somerset Co, Colonial Maryland. She died in Apr 1742 in Kent Co, Colonial Delaware.

From "Maryland Eastern Shore Vital Records" by F. Edward Wright 1982.
Sarah King, b. 3/10/1689, dau. of John and Elizabeth King - Somerset Land Records.  Courtesy EKB.

The King-Billiter marriage is supported by 'Thomas King of Queen Anns Co, d by 1725 when his estate was appraised at Lb 32.0.9.  Next of kin were Margaret Wheeler and Sarah Biliter [sic] ; admins were John Bostick and wife Mary Bostick.' Maryland Inventories 11:40.  Courtesy Peden and Wright.

They had the following children.

  7 M i John Billiter.
  8 F ii Johanna Billiter.
  9 M iii Thomas Billiter.
+ 10 M iv Daniel Billiter died about Aug 1791.
  11 M v Joab Billiter.

5. Edward Billiter (Joseph ) was born on 18 Oct 1683 in Talbot Co, Colonial Maryland. He died after 1741.

Edward's birth is from Third Haven Meeting.  Courtesy Marsha Bovey.

Edward Billetton witnessed the will of James Dashiell of Somerset Co on 16 Feb 1708/09.  ['Maryland Calendar of Wills, 3:120]

Edward Billiter, John Tomlinson, and Anne Billiter witnessed a land conveyence in Dorchester Co on 21 Jul 1715. [Dorchaster Land Records, 6 Old 252]

Edward Billiter was named executor of the will of William Wetharell on 14 Dec 1717, and also guardian of William's son, John, until he reached age 18.  Ed renounced executorship on 11 Jan 1717 (when the will was proved) unto Elizabeth, widow of William.  (O/S vs N/S date confusion?) ['Maryland Calendar of Wills', 4:138]

On 14 March 1721 Henry Turner conveyed to Edward Billiter 100 acres of land, 'Fancy' in the east side of Great Choptank River in the freshes and on the east side of of the SE branch of Phillips Creek. [Dorchester Land Records, 2 Old 106]

Anne Billittor witnessed the will of Mary Molehorne of Dorchester Co on 1 Aug 1721. ['Maryland Calendar of Wills', 5:73]

On 17 Nov 1721 Edward Billiter and wife Anne, in their own right and as attorneys for John Sumerly, conveyed to William Trippe 100 acres, 'Guinney Plantation' adjoining 'Gotham' and 'Sark' in Dorchester Co.  Power of attorney from John Sumerly, s/o Thomas Sumerly of London (deseased) and of Mary his wife (deceased).  Mary was d/o Francis Soane (deceased), and niece of his brother Joseph Soane (deceased).  The POA to Edward Billeter and Anne his wife, brother and sister of said John Sumerly.  Proved before Robert Grundy and W Clayton, Justices for Talbot Co.  The following documents were presented:
1) Baptismal certificate of Mary, d/o Francis Sone, baptized 3 Jan 1632, William Taswell, Rector of St Mary Newington, Surrey.
2) Marriage certificate of Thomas Sumerly and Mary Sone, m 22 Apr 1656 at the Parish Church of St James, Dukes Place, John Avery, Clerk.
3) Burial certificate of Mary Sumerly, buried 4 Jul 1698 at the Parish Church of St Paul, Shadwell, John Hendry, Deputy Clerk.
4) Birth certificate of John Sumerly, son of Thomas Sumerly and Mary his wife, b 5 Jun 1666 at the Parish Church of St Paul, Shadwell, John Hendry, Deputy Clarke. [Dorchester Land Records, 2 Old 97]

On 18 Jul 1722 Edward Billiter and wife Anne conveyed to John Tomlinson 100 acres, part of  'Nancies Delight' on the west side of the NW Branch of the Nanticoke River. [Dorchester Land Records, 2 Old 136]

On 9 Jan 1723 Edward Billiter, cordwainer, of Dorchester Co, and Anne his wife conveyed to John Taylor, merchant, of Talbot Co, 50 acre tract, 'Nancy's Delight' between the branches of Hunting Creek and branches of the NW Fork of the Nanticoke River. [Dorchester Land Records, 8 Old 47]

On 15 Mar 1723 Edward Billiter conveyed to Peter Taylor a 100-acre tract, 'Fancy' on a branch of Phillips Creek. [Dorchester Land Records, 2 Old 167]

On 16 Nov 1728 Edward Billiter and Anne his wife, of Dorchester Co, conveyed to Jones Dawson, of Dorchester Co, cordwainer, a 50-acre tract, 'Billiter's Landing', on Fowling Creek. [Dorchester Land Records, 8 Old 243]

In Jul 1729 Edward Billiter, age 45, deposing regarding bounder of tract 'Cleland', stated he was shown the land at the mouth of Hog Creek by William Callow about 28 years ago. [Dorchester Land Records, 8 Old 432]

Edward Billiter of Dorchester Co, planter, age about 48, deposed [something?] between 10 Nov 1732 and 20 Jan 1732 [O/S?]. [Dorchester Land Records, 9 Old 158]

Edward Billiter of Dorchester Co deposed [something?] between 11 Mar 1739 and 8 Nov 1740. [Dorchester Land Records, 12 Old 128]

Edward Billiter of Dorchester Co, age about 60, deposed [something?] on 16 Jan 1741. [Talbot Co Land Commissions, 2:269]

Edward married Anne Sumerly, daughter of Thomas Sumerly and Mary Soane.

See evidence for Anne's line under the notes for her husband, Edward Billiter.

They had the following children.

+ 12 M i Edward Billiter died in 1750/1765.
  13 F ii Billiter.

See notes for brother Edward Billiter.
        Billiter married John Tomlinson.

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