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Descendants of Joseph Billiter and Elizabeth Filler fl Maryland Colony 1671-1687

Third Generation

10. Daniel Billiter (Thomas , Joseph ) died about Aug 1791 in Dover, Kent Co, DE.

Kent County, Delaware probate records.  From "Calendar of Kent County Delaware Probate Records 1680-1800", pub. by Public Archives Commission of Delaware, 1944.
Daniel Billiter witnessed Arthur Brooks' will 7/16/1770.
Daniel Billiter witnessed Nehemia Handzar's will 12/15/1785.
Daniel Bileter's will made 7/22/1791, Dover Hundred.  Heirs: wife Sarah, son Samuel, daughters Nancy, Mahala, Elizabeth, Lydia. Probated 8/18/1791.  We viewed Daniel's original will in the Delaware Hall Of Records.  He refers to Samuel as his "ondutyfull son" who gets "5 shillings if he should demand it."  Courtesy JHB

From: Index to History of Delaware 1609-1888.
Billator, Daniel, 1785, living in the East Dover Hundred, Kent County. The following list of persons assessed in 1785 in St. Jones Hundred and that part of East Dover Hundred lying east of the St. Jones River.  All west of the river were assessed in Murderkill Hundred.  The list included about 100 people, among them: Daniel Billator who was assessed less than 10 pounds.  Courtesy EKB

Daniel married Sarah.

They had the following children.

  14 F i Nancy Billiter was born in Kent Co, Colonial Delaware.
  15 F ii Mahala Billiter was born in Kent Co, Colonial Delaware.
  16 F iii Elizabeth Billiter was born in Kent Co, Colonial Delaware.
  17 F iv Lydia Billiter was born in Kent Co, Colonial Delaware.
  18 M v Samuel Billiter was born about 1764 in Kent Co, Colonial Delaware.

Samuel the Undutiful Son, according to his Dad's (Daniel Billiter) will.  Why was Samuel undutiful?  Because he 'went for a soldier' in the Revolution?
PIERCE'S REGISTER   Pierce was Paymaster General (..etc.) for officers and soldiers of the Continental Army under act of Congress of July 4, 1783.  All B's were checked in this DAR book of same subject in BPL.
Certificate    To Whom Issued      Amount
-----------       --------------              ------
55330 (1)      Billeter, Samuel       $40.60
55066 (1)      Billetter, Samuel      $80.00
50719 (2)      Bitter, John             $19.75
54651 (1)      Bitter, Samuel          $70.40
(1) Certificate #'s 54120-55372 were issued to "Delaware Regiment, Lieut. Col. J. Vaughn;  William McKennan, agent."
(2) Certificate #'s 48702-51357 were issued to "Second Artillery, under Col. John Crane,                   Massachusetts, paid to Nov. 4, 1783; C. Knowles, agent."
Note: Pierce's register excludes South Carolina (!) and all Malitia, who were paid by the states.
Courtesy JHB

REVOLUT'RY WAR RECORDS  at National Archives.
Summary of Samuel Billiter:  Hall's Delaware Regiment.  Private.  Enlisted 2/14/1782 at age 18.  Height 5-4, farmer, b. Delaware. Residence: Kent Co., Delaware.  Brown hair, fair complexn, mustered 2/15/1782.  Made his mark when signing for rations.  Fit for duty at inspection at Philadelphia 12/28/1783.  Enlistment bounty was  (pounds, shlillngs, pence) 6,18,7 plus 3,0,0 reward for enlisting. Unpaid 2,1,5.  Courtesy JHB.

We know nothing of Samuel's progeny. But are they still owed about 2 lb. at compound interest for over 200 years?

12. Edward Billiter (Edward , Joseph ) died in 1750/1765 in Colonial Maryland.

On 30 Oct 1742 Mary Coxell of Dorchester Co conveyed to Edward Billeter, of Dorchester Co,  lands belonging to her deceased brother Edward Coxcell, being parts of  'Addition', 'Mashey Point' and 'Loockerman's Beginning'. [Dorshester Land Records, 10 Old 346]

Edward Belletor was mentioned as brother-in-law in the will of John Tomlinson, Talbot Co, written 14 Sep 1746 and proved 21 Mar 1758. [Maryland Will Book, 30:78]

Edward Billiter of Dorchester Co and wife, Mary, conveyed to Joseph Wright of Queen Annes Co, Taylor, a 10-acre part of 'Billiter's Beginning' on 3 Jul 1764. [Dorchester Land Records, 19 Old 283]

"Will of John Tomilson of Talbot County, Maryland mentions brother-in-law Edward Billiter dated 14 September 1746. Many have assumed that Edward was married to Tomlinson's sister. In fact, Tomlinson was (apparently) married to Edward's sister  I can't find my copy of the record, but Edward was next-of-kin to Edward Coxon of Dorchester County and received (apparently in right of his wife) 1/3 of Coxon's property. The other 2/3 went to Coxon's sisters. Edward was the son of John and Margaret Coxon (Cocson/Coxill) and this property (if I remember correctly) actually adjoins the Billiter property..."  Courtesy Harvey Lineback - Billiter Forum 1/1/2002.

'The source document provided by another Billiter researcher has the marriage of Edward Billiter and Mary Coxon dated 1739 in Dorchester County, Maryland.'  Courtesy Dave Gerth - Billiter Forum in response to Harvey Linebeck's post.

Edward married Mary Coxon, daughter of John Coxon and Margaret, about 1739 in Dorchester Co, Colonial Maryland.

They had the following children.

  19 M i Joseph Billiter was born about 1744 in Colonial Maryland.

Between 14 Aug 1764 and 13 Aug 1765 Joseph Billitor of Dorchester Co , aged about 20, s/o Edward Billitor, now deceased, was deposed regarding the boundary of William Richardson's land. [Dorchester Land Records, 20 Old 237]

Between 14 Nov 1769 and 6 Nov 1770  Joseph Billiter of Dorchester Co, aged about 27, deposed that when he lived with his father, Edward Billiter, about 18-19 years ago at the mouth of Hog Creek, a certain John Hollon, now deceased, came to his father's to work. [Dorchester Land Records, 24 Old 308]
+ 20 M ii Edward B Billiter was born in 1735. He died in Feb 1795.

Edward also married Barbara about 1752.

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