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Descendants of Joseph Billiter and Elizabeth Filler fl Maryland Colony 1671-1687

Fifth Generation

21. Alexander Billiter (Edward B , Edward , Edward , Joseph ) was born about 1760. He died in 1825.

Stokes Co, NC 1810 census:
128 378 Billiter Alex 2 . . . 1 3 1 . 1 . . . Bethania District
Courtesy Jim Billiter

Alexander's family group is courtesy George Beaman (gbeaman2@direcway.com).
Also Dave Gerth: "The children listed in Alexander's will dated 1825 are: Betsy, Dolly, Martha, Nancy, Anne, Lorenzo, Jonathan and Mathew. At the time of Alexander's death Nancy and Anne were already married.

Alexander married Leah Bucy on 25 Mar 1795 in Stokes Co, North Carolina. Leah was born about 1765. She died in 1830.

They had the following children.

  32 F i Anne Billiter.
        Anne married David Mitchel.
  33 F ii Nancy Billiter.
        Nancy married George Long.
  34 F iii Martha Billiter.
  35 F iv Dolly Billiter.
  36 F v Betsey Billiter.
+ 37 M vi Jonathon Billiter died in 1836.
+ 38 M vii Matthew Billiter was born in 1798. He died in 1847.
  39 M viii Lorenzo Billiter was born in 1799.

22. Zebediah Billiter (Edward B , Edward , Edward , Joseph ) was born about 1760 in Dorchester Co, Colonial Maryland. He died in 1814 in Stokes Co, North Carolina.

After Zeb's death, wife and sons moved to Pendleton Co, KY circa 1815.  Courtesy Phyllis Solter.

Zeb soldiered with a Caroline Co, Maryland malitia company under CPT Joseph Richardson in the Revolution. Courtesy Dave Gerth.

From "More Marylanders to Carolina" by Henry C Peden, Jr, 1999, Willow Bend Books:
"Zebdiah Billeter married Anna Seward and served as a soldier in Maryland during the Revolutionary War. He subsequently moved to North Carolina and died after November 21, 1813. [Ref: 'DAR Patriot Index, Centennial Edition, Part 1' (Washington: 1990), p 253.]
"Zebdiah Billetor or Billitor enlisted as a private in the Maryland troops under Capt. Joseph Richardson in Caroline County, Maryland on August 31, 1776. James and Joseph Billetor (Billitor) also served in the 14th militia battalion. [Ref: 'Revolutionary Patriots of Caroline County, Maryland, 1775-1783', by Henry C Peden Jr (1998), p 13.]"

--------- Zeb's will follows: -----------
"Last will and Testament of Zebediah Billeter.

In the name of God, Amen. I Zebediah Billeter of the county of Stokes and State of North Carolina being poorly in body, but of sound mind and memory (thanks be to God) do this 21st day of November in the year of our Lord, one thousand, eight hundred and thirteen, make and publish this my last will and testament, in manner following, that is today.

First, I will, after my decease, my wife Anna do continue to stay and live on the place and plantation I now live during her life, or widowhood, together with all my children under age, and that she together with the executor see to the raising of the children. And in case my said wife Anna should marry , I will that she shall no longer live on my plantation or land or draw any support from the day of her marriage.

Secondly, I will that my oldest son Mark be paid ten dollars which ten dollars with eighty dollars I have already given him, will make together ninety dollars for said Mark`s legacy and that said Mark hereafter have no more out of my estate.

Thirdly, I will that after all of my children are of age, all my Estate be equally divided among my children and my wife Anna in case she should then be living in a state of widowhood, that is to say among my son Daniel, John, James, daughter Polly; sons Joel, Samuel, Elias, and my wife Anna, excepting Daniel, John,James and Polly, who have already been advanced, that is I have already given Daniel eighty-four dollars and thirty seven and a half cents, to John forty dollars, to James forty dollas and to Polly, eight dollars. And in case any of my children should die leaving no heirs their part of my estate is to be equally divided among the surviving ones and the widow.

Fourthly, I will that my executor hereafter named collect all my credits or debts due me, and after paying my funeral and decent burial charges, also pay all my just debts, see to the raising and schooling of my children and faithfully execute all parts of this, my last will and testament.

And I hereby make and ordain my son Daniel Billeter and Joseph Miller, Executors of this my last will and testament, set my hand and seal, this day and year above written.

Signed, Sealed, published and declared by the said Zebadee

Zebadiah Billeter (His mark)

Billeter the testator, as his last will and testament, in the presence of us, who were present at the time of signing and sealing thereof.

John Henning (His mark) & John Doub (His signature.)"
------- End Zeb's will -------

Zebediah married Anna Seward, daughter of Samuel Seward and Unknown, about 1787 in Surry Co, North Carolina. Anna was born in 1769 in Surrey Co, Colonial North Carolina. She died in 1829.

With sons moved to Pendleton Co., KY about 1815.

They had the following children.

+ 40 M i Mark Billiter was born in 1788. He died in Apr 1860.
+ 41 M ii John P Billiter was born on 30 Dec 1791. He died on 9 Dec 1857.
+ 42 M iii Daniel Billiter was born in 1792. He died in 1860.
+ 43 M iv James Billiter was born in 1793. He died in 1850.
  44 F v Polly Billiter was born in 1794 in Stokes, North Carolina. She died in AFT. 1850 in Mercer, Kentucky.

Polly was born in 1794.
        Polly married Marcus Purdum on 30 Dec 1814 in Surrey, North Carolina.
+ 45 M vi Joel Billiter was born in 1797. He died in 1871.
+ 46 M vii Samuel Billiter was born in 1800.
  47 M viii Elias Billiter was born in 1804 in Stokes Co., North Carolina. He died in AFT. 1860 in Grant Co., Kentucky.
        Elias married Nancy Morgan on 7 Sep 1843 in Grant Co., Kentucky.

25. Leah Billiter (Edward B , Edward , Edward , Joseph ) was born in 1770 in Yadkin Valley, Surry Co, Colonial North Carolina. She died on 20 Oct 1843 in Benthania, Stokes Co, North Carolina.

Leah Billiter's family group and many descendants are courtesy Darrell John Oakford, gggg-grandson of Leah Billiter and Martin Hauser.  1/2003; Jim Billiter.

Leah married Martin Hauser, son of Martin Hauser and Susanna Maria Kessler, in Abt. Aug 1788. Martin was born in 1767 in Bethania, Rowan Co, Colonial North Carolina. He died in 1814 in Bethania, Stokes (Forsyth), Co, North Carolina.

They had the following children.

+ 48 M i Joseph Martin Hauser was born on 16 Jun 1791. He died in Oct 1862.
+ 49 F ii Susannah Mary Hauser was born on 6 Jan 1793. She died on 18 Feb 1857.
+ 50 M iii Moses Hauser was born on 16 Feb 1795. He died on 21 Jun 1870.
  51 M iv Samuel Hauser was born in Abt. 1797 in Bethania, Stokes Co, North Carolina.
  52 M v Elijah Hauser was born in Abt. 1799 in Bethania, Stokes Co, North Carolina.
+ 53 M vi Martin IV Hauser was born in Abt. 1801. He died after 1860.
  54 F vii Rachel Hauser was born on 19 Sep 1805 in Bethania, Stokes Co, North Carolina. She died on 20 Nov 1870 in Bartholomew Co, Indiana.

Moved to Indiana
        Rachel married John C. Miller on 27 Dec 1824 in Stokes (Forsyth) Co, North Carolina. John was born on 12 Mar 1805 in Stokes (Forsyth) Co, North Carolina/Stokes Co., North Carolina. He died on 16 Apr 1848 in Bartholomew Co, Indiana.

Marriage Notes:

Moved to Indiana
447. Rachel HAUSER   (female)
B. 19 Sep 1805 @ (Stokes [Forsyth] Co.)?, North Carolina
D. 20 Nov 1870 @ (Bartholomew Co.)?, Indiana
M. /1/ 27 Dec 1824 @ Stokes Co., North Carolina to   [5964]
b. 12 Mar 1805 @ Stokes Co., North Carolina
d. 16 Apr 1848 @ (Bartholomew Co.)?, Indiana
4471. Lavina Saba MILLER   (female)
B. 1824-1825 @ (Stokes [Forsyth] Co.)?, North Carolina
D. 1886 @ Indiana
M. /1 ?/ 9 Nov 1848 @  to
Stephen HUGHES
44711. John Harvey MILLER   (male)
B. 1846-1848 @ Indiana
D. 15 Feb 1883 @Indiana
M. /1/ Aug 1871 @  to
Katherine MCINTYRE
447111. Elmer Ellsworth MILLER   (male)
B. 30 Nov 1871 @
D. 1942? @
M. /1/  to

+ 55 F viii Leah Hauser was born on 9 Oct 1807. She died in Bet. 1872 - 1881.
+ 56 M ix William Clarke I Hauser Rev. & M.D. was born on 23 Dec 1812. He died on 15 Sep 1880.

26. Joseph Billiter (Edward B , Edward , Edward , Joseph ) was born about 1770. He died after Feb 1826 in Belle Vernon, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania. He was buried in Gould Hill Cemetery, Belle Vernon, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania.

Joseph Billiter built river boats on the Monongahela River at Belle Vernon around 1810.  I knickname him 'JoeBB', short for Joe the Boat Builder. -- JHB

His marriage to Sarah Seward is attested by a deed from Bracken Co, KY in 1824. Courtesy Karen Romick and Dave Gerth. (Deed book G, p 100).  Joseph and Sarah then sold her 1/9th part of 92 acres inherited from her father, Samuel Seward.

From: 'History of Fayette County, Pennsylvania', p. 52: "The village [Belle Vernon - ed.] grew slowly, and during 1816 there were added three families,-- those of ... and Joseph Billeter, a boat builder.  Before the year 1816, Billeter was living along the river below the town and building flat-boats."  On page 814 there is a reference to Joseph Billeter as the first ferryman after the town of Belle Vernon was laid out [1812 or 1813 - ed.].  Courtesy Ralph Billiter.

THE OLD AND NEW MONONGAHELA (1893) by John S Van Voorhis
Death Of Mrs. Mary Finley.
page 315
'The Fryes, Speers and Coopers were intimately connected, both by marriage and association, in their early life, and at death their remains occupied the same burial grounds, the four graveyards being in sight, one from the other. The first burial ground intended for Bellevernon was on the well-known Gould Hill, situated now in the village of "Seldom Seen." During Wylie's ownership of the land, permission for burial was granted and J. B. Gould, who succeeded Wylie, gave the same privilege. The remains of Louis Cisly were the first to be interred in this ground, but in what year we cannot ascertain. Then followed the burial of Casper Ebner, Joseph Billiter and his two sons, James and Lewis.'

Gould Hill Cem was probably destroyed by developers in the early 1900's. Courtesy Ralph Billiter.

Additionally, Louis Cisly (Lewis Sisley) was buried at Gould Hill in Feb, 1826, and 'later moved to Rehoboth' where his grave marker is visible Sept, 2001.  Courtesy Margaret Sisley Bullock, gggg-granddaughter of Lewis Sisley.

Ellen, Lucy Ann, and Jim Billiter walked Rehoboth Cem on 24 Nov 2001 looking for a marker for Joseph Billiter (or any Billiter) in the remote chance that some trace of Joseph's grave survived the destruction at Gould Hill, like Lewis Sisley's memorial stone.  We did find the memorial marker for Lewis Sisley, erected by his descendants, but nothing involving Billiters.  Rehoboth Cem is located in North Belle Vernon, at the southern edge of Westmoreland Co, PA, several miles east of Interstate 70's crossing of the Monongahela River. Courtesy Ellen, Lucy Ann, and Jim Billiter.  

FAMILY GROUP (Courtesy Jim Billiter)
Reconstructing Joe the Boat Builder's family group in Fayette County is not a trivial exercise because of the lack of vital statistics at that time in Pennsylvania.  Joe's will has never been discovered, and any church records confirming births, marriages, etc. remain elusive.  Lewis, James, Sallie, and Fannie are mentioned in local histories.

[ Specifically:
- James and Lewis as above in Van Voorhis' book.
- Fannie - ibid. p 365. "The first persons married in the town (Belle Vernon) were Miss Fannie Billiter and John Thompson, the ceremony being performed by William D. Millin, Esq., in 1824."
- Sallie - ibid. p 461. in a lengthy discussion of the Springer family.  In part it states that John Springer married Sallie Billiter (no date).  John's father, Daniel, married Rachel Higgins in 1790, and had 8 children: Michael, Mathias, John, Joseph, James H., Nancy, Daniel, and Martha.  John was killed by a limb from a tree he was felling in 1833. The location is Rostraver township, Westmorland Co., PA.]

My brother, Ralph, and I tried to find ggg-grandpa Joe's grave in 1990 at Belle Vernon, but we only discovered that it and many others had been destroyed by developers.

By explicit statements in the local histories, James and Lewis are his sons.  By proximity, rarity of the Billiter name, and timing, Sallie and Fannie are his daughters.  Later census data, timing, proximity, and rarity of 'Billiter' in Pennsylvania argue that sons  Noah C and Joseph Jr are certainly in Joe's family group in Belle Vernon in the very early 1800's.

Son John's inclusion in Joe's family group is a bit less certain, but nevertheless still very convincing. From later census data (1850, 1860) John was born PA in 1816.  The PA census of 1820 shows two Billiter families in Fayette Co (and none in other PA counties): those of Joseph Billiter and Joseph Billiter.  The second Joseph Billiter of Fayette Co is very poorly indexed and can be found only by examining the census detail, as did Ellen Kaiser Billiter some years ago.  This second Joseph Billiter family is very young in 1820 Fayette Co, but it has two males who could have been born in 1816.  The other, older Joseph Billiter family in the 1820 census is certainly the one continuing from the 1800 and 1810 census enumerations.  And that family also has a male child who could have been b 1816 in the right place to be John Billiter.

So, in the 1820 census there are three Billiter children who could be my ancestor, John Billiter.  The second Joseph Billiter in PA in 1820 proved to be Joe the Boat Builder's son, Joseph Jr (b c 1796 PA) from later census data, and he 'went down the river' to Brown Co, Ohio shortly after 1820.  His family group has two sons who might be John b 1816, but they are proved to be Hugh Ford Billiter and Solomon Billiter by later census entries. By elimination, John Billiter (m Lucy Ann Crow) is a son of the older Billiter family in Fayette Co, PA: that of Joseph Billiter m Sarah Seward.

Additionally, if John (b1816) had belonged to Joseph Jr's family, we would expect him to have traveled 'down the river' with the family in 1821 or 1822 to Brown Co, Ohio when John was about five or six years old.  That was not the case.  John surfaces next in his 1835 marriage to Lucy Ann Crow in Marshall Co, VA (now WV), far upriver from Brown Co, OH, and much closer to the PA Billiter homeland in Fayette Co, PA.  And proximate to his supposed brother, Noah C Billiter, surely a son of Joe the Boat Builder.  Such is the rationale for including John Billiter among Joe the Boat Builder's sons.

This family group of JoeBB is probably lacking mention of one daughter: from census data (1800, 1810, 1820) there were three young females in Joe and Sarah's household.  We know of two, Sallie and Fannie.  Who is the third daughter?

5/2004 - the third daughter is Sarah Jane, courtesy Marguerite Howard.  See Sarah Jane's entry. [JHB]  

INCLUSION of JoeBB as a son in Edward Billiter's family group in NC in 1790: (Discussion courtesy Jim Billiter)

A Joseph Billiter 'witnessed deed between Samuel Seward and Nathan Craft 2 Feb 1795, Stokes County, NC'. Courtesy Dave Gerth.  Implying that this Joe Billiter was at least born in 1774 or earlier, and notably making him at least 16 during the 1790 census.  Save that thought; I will use it later.  This assertion, of course, partly assumes that a person in 1790's NC had to be at least 21 to perform legally as 'witness' to a deed there.

Census entries for 'Joseph Billiter' (or variant spellings) from 1790-1830 show one, possibly two, in Maryland (Caroline Co on the Eastern Shore).  The only other ones known  from 1800-1820 are JoeBB and his son JoeJr in Fayette Co, PA.

The Joseph Billiters then in Maryland are eliminated from identity with JoeBB by considering their ages, one was about 15 years older than JoeBB.  Another would be too young.  Comparing the census data for Joseph Billiter in MD and PA in 1800:  Joseph Billiter, Caroline Co, MD, 1 male over 45 is the only person in the household; Joseph Billiter (JoeBB), Fayette Co, PA no males over 45, but otherwise a young family of six.

So, let's examine the NC timing.  No Joseph Billiter appears in the 1790 NC census, and we know some of the Billiter family moved there after the Revolution, and certainly before the 1790 census. So we might reasonably expect that Joseph Billiter, the deed witness in 1795 Stokes Co, to have been there prior to 1790. The NC Billiters are linked to the early Delmarva Billiters by Zebediah, one of three Stokes Co Billiter householders enumerated in the first census.  'Zebediah served with Captain Joseph Richardson in a Caroline County, Maryland company during the American Revolution.' [Quoting Dave Gerth.]

But, no Joseph Billiter is enumerated in that NC census, and the most likely reason is that he was part of another Billiter household there in 1790.  So, that Joe must have been fairly young in 1790, but over 21 in 1795.  That makes our NC Joseph the only, and perfect candidate by age to be JoeBB, who appears first in the 1800 PA census, which enumerates a Joseph Billiter at least 26 years old and under 45 in Fayette County, PA.

We also know Joseph Billiter married Sarah Seward somewhere.  And that Zebediah Billiter married Anna Seward  in Stokes Co, NC.  Phyllis Solter's fine research (see http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~solter/Seward/samsr.htm) places Sarah and Anna in the family group of Samuel Seward in Stokes Co, NC.  Which dovetails neatly with Sarah's father's name, Samuel Seward, in the 1824 Bracken Co, KY deed, which has Joseph Billiter of Fayette Co, PA (JoeBB) as Sarah's husband.

So, it's almost certain that JoeBB came to Fayette Co, PA from Stokes Co, NC in 1795 or 1796 (JoeJr was b PA c 1796), but how shall we assign JoeBB to a family group in Stokes Co at the right time?

There are three Billiter families in the 1790 Stokes Co, NC census:
Alexander  (2 - 4 - - 6),
Edward  (3 1 3 - - 7), and
Zebdiah  (1 2 1 - - 4).
(The first entry is for males 16 or over, the second for males under 16.)

Recalling that JoeBB is at least 16 in 1790, the only possibles are Alex's and Edward's family groups, which have a total of three ([2-1]+[3-1])  male children 16 or older. Courtesy Dave Gerth: "I have since recieved Alexanders will, which has no Joseph mentioned."

By elimination Joseph Billiter then belonged to Edward Billter's family group.  It would be nice to find Edward's will for confirmation.

Joseph married Sarah Seward, daughter of Samuel Seward and Unknown.

Sarah Seward was a first cousin, once removed, to William Henry Seward, President Andy Johnson's Secretary of State and former Governor of New York.  William Henry Seward purchased Alaska from the Russians in 1867; Alaska was then popularly called Seward's Folly and Seward's Icebox.  The purchase price, about $7.2 million, was equivalent to 2.5 cents per acre.

Sarah's and William Henry Seward's common ancestor was Obadiah Seward Jr, b c 1702, NY Colony.

Quoting an article at http://www.everythingalaska.com/eta.sfy.html:

"President Andrew Johnson's Secretary of State, William H. Seward, is responsible for negotiating the purchase of Alaska from Russia. Seward was so adamant on purchasing Alaska that he started negotiating with the Russian minister, Edouard de Stoeckl, before he was authorized by the President. His original offer was for $5,000,000.00 or possibly $5,500,000.00. While the Russian Minister was taking the offer to the Czar, Seward asked the Cabinet for authority to offer $7,000,000.00 As they had not been notified of the pending purchase, and due to their caring little about Alaska, they did not object to Seward's request, much to his surprise. "By March 23rd, both parties had reached an agreement on the main points of the purchase. Stoeckl cabled St. Petersburg on the $7,000,000.00 figure that had been reached, and asked for authority to sign the treaty. On March 29th, Stoeckl received approval from Czar Alexander to sign the treaty with minor provisions. "Seward wanted so much for the treaty to be signed that he opened the State Department that evening after hours and made the Russian delegation welcome. Stoeckl wanted to improve on some of the smaller points, but Seward refused to consider them, but in turn offered another $200,000.00 to the purchase price. So the final agreed upon price became $7,200,000.00. This translated into approximately 2.5 cents per acre for 586,400 square miles of territory, twice the size of Texas. "It was a long and bitter battle to get Congress to approve the purchase then appropriate the money for it. Seward prevailed in completing the purchase, but he became the butt of popular jokes over his purchase. When asked what was the most significant act of his career, he declared "The purchase of Alaska! But it will take a generation to find that out." "On the misty afternoon of October 18, 1867, at the city of Sitka , on the desolate Alaska coast, amongst the firing of Russian and American cannon, the Imperial Russian flag came down over Russian America. The Stars and Stripes was raised up the 90 foot flag pole, and 'Seward's Icebox' became a territory of the United States."

They had the following children.

+ 57 M i Joseph Billiter was born about 1796. He died in 1859.
  58 F ii Sallie Billiter.
        Sallie married John Springer, son of Daniel Springer and Rachel Higgins. John died in 1833 in Pennsylvania.
+ 59 F iii Euphemia "Fannie" Billiter.
+ 60 F iv Sarah Jane Billiter was born in 1800/1804.
+ 61 M v Noah C Billiter Sr was born about 1801. He died about Feb 1864.
+ 62 M vi James Billiter was born about 1802. He died about 1834.
  63 M vii Lewis Billiter was born about 1804 in Pennsylvania. He died before 1830 in Pennsylvania. He was buried in Gould Hill Cem, Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania.
+ 64 M viii John Billiter was born about Apr 1816. He died on 14 Dec 1868.

27. Edward Billiter (Edward B , Edward , Edward , Joseph ) was born in 1778 in Stokes Co, Colonial North Carolina. He died in 1840 in Tazwell Co, Virginia.

Edward's line is courtesy Dave Gerth.  Birth year (1778) is courtesy Teresa Taylor. (Was 1772.)

Edward married Anne.

They had the following children.

  65 M i Edward Billiter was born about 1809 in Tazwell Co, VIrginia.
        Edward married Ann Brown in 1829 in Tazwell Co, VIrginia. Ann was born about 1809 in Tazwell Co, VIrginia.
+ 66 M ii Charles "Charley" Billiter was born in 1813. He died about 1881.
+ 67 M iii Joseph Billiter was born in 1824.

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